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Since 1997, thousands of customers have chosen us because...

We select the right language specialist for the needs of the project

For every document translation and text editing project, we select a language specialist based on several key criteria - excellent command of the languages involved in the project, experience in the relevant terminology and advanced technical knowledge for projects requiring specific software.

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We apply an individual approach, we look into the specific needs and details of each project

Each assignment is handled by an individual project coordinator who ensures that the specific requirements are met - from formatting, to specific terminology, to delivery method.

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We perform a detailed quality check and follow the project through to completion

When translating documents and editing a translation or text, a multi-component quality check is performed by both humans and specialised software. Some of the criteria are spelling, formatting, compliance with the terminology provided and with the specific spelling of names.

Quality Assurance

We maintain an archive of all files for 1 year

You can rely on an archive of all your document translations, document copies, reference texts and audio files for 1 year. You have access to your orders at any time for 365 days!

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We maintain constant contact with our clients through direct contact or chat with the team in the office

We are available for questions, clarifications, and changes to your orders throughout the fulfilment process and after its completion! Your project coordinator is available by phone and email, as well as through our Facebook Messenger chat panel.


We work according to all GDPR requirements

In the age of absolute connectivity and digitalization, data protection is a priority. We offer each of our clients a data processing agreement in accordance with GDPR requirements - ensuring the protection and confidentiality of your information.

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