Hungarian in a Nutshell

The Hungarian. Like almost nothing else

In the very heart of Europe 10 million Hungarians speak their beautiful and very different language for centuries.

Is it difficult to learn to speak and understand Hungarian?
Let’s say It could take you couple of days only to distinguish the words of the warning in the Hungarian subway in Budapest.

The Finish is the only other language related to the Hungarian, but it doesn’t mean you could understand Hungarian if you were a Finn.
It would sound slightly familiar, at best.

Fun Hungarian Facts

  • Hungarian is considered to be the fourth most difficult language to learn after Chinese, Arabic and Tujuka.
  • It is spoken by nearly 14 million people worldwide.
  • Hungarian has 14 vowels!, whereas Italian, for example, uses only 5.
  • The word “farmer” means “jeans”.
  • Like in English, there are no grammatical genders (masculine, feminine, neutral) in Hungarian.
  • Similar to Japanese, it has the incredible ability to compress whole sentence in one word:
    “Szeretlek” = I love you.
    “Látlak” = I see you.
    “Vártalak” = I was waiting for you.
    “Elkápráztathattalak” = I could blind you. I could take your mind.
  • The family names come before the given names, as they are considered an attribute: Szabó Eszter (Eszter who? – Szabó Eszter).


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