Quality Assurance

We have adopted a straight and simple, yet comprehensive approach to quality.

We work until the quality required to fulfill any given job is achieved.

The “Fit for the purpose” rule is applied across all jobs we do.

When we are dealing with documents, books or any text in general, we:

• Analyze the job and its specific elements (style, terminology, targeted auditory, formatting)
• Select the best available language specialists who fit the purpose of the job
• Prepare backup team, if needed
• Setup project specific term bases
• Proofread the finished text – compliance with the provided term base and names transcription, formatting, typography
• Learn from the results and improve

When we perform interpreting services, voice over and other related language services, we:

• Ask information and reference materials
• Discuss and prepare the interpreters, voice over specialists and other technical experts involved
• Check the technical equipment, tools and materials needed for the job
• Prepare backup team in case of emergency
• Follow every detail during the process
• Constantly learn and improve

The ultimate goal is to perform as Masters of Words. This way we sleep better after the working day or… after the long working night.


We work in accordance with ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and we are proud members of NAPA (National Association of Translation Agencies – Bulgaria).


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