Content Writing

Content Writing

Content Writing is arguably the service that, thanks to the Internet boom, passed through the biggest transformation.

Hence why, it is in the muddiest waters as for its actual definition.


Its roots are relatively shallow and date back to only 30 years ago at the beginning of the 1990s. The need for content in the online space began to surge.

The texts were meant to fill with material the ever-growing number of blogs, online newspapers, corporate and private websites, product presentations, you name it.

1997 Revolution

At first, the content was limited by no more than a certain set of What-Where-When information.

This plain level field soon began to wrinkle, as the giant Google set foot on the www. universe in 1997.

Since then its algorithms took the upper hand as far as what the texts should actually contain.

Power of SEO

In essence, for two decades now, it is much less important what is being written online, but who is able to read it.

The magic of this formula dribbles down into the powerful three-letter acronym SEO.

The Search Engine Optimisation is meant to propel a certain website to high-ranking positions, to have better visibility in search engine results, which is mainly lead by the maxim “The best way to hide something is to put it on the second page of Google results.”.

The rise and reign of Google AI

So, faster than anyone has anticipated, good and relevant content was no longer enough and Content Writing was reserved to the ones knowing the golden rules and the no-nos of Google’s algorithm, rather than the masters of words.

The difference between Content Writing and Copywriting

Here’s where we can draw the line between Content Writing and Copywriting, although it is often quite unnoticeable in the eyes of the project assignor.

Both are subjected to the ultimate purpose of popularising an ideology, collective, brand, or product in the online space.

Content Writing has mainly an informative, educational, or entertaining purpose, while the structure of Copywriting is predominantly focused on sales and promotion, using a specific set of call-to-action words, superlatives, and points of advantage of the product or brand described.


As per the widely accepted pricing mechanism, Content Writing can be priced either by a fixed rate per word, either by a rate per article with a specific volume of words.

Go for it!

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