Hear, hear! for the king of new-age professions – the almighty copywriter!

In the age of digital nomads, the weapon of choice besides blogger/vlogger and influencer is, as many would agree, copywriter.

Where it all began?

It might sound like the new thing in school, but Copywriting actually dates back to the dawn of the printed press.

Writers were commissioned to create articles with catchy titles and advertising content with the explicit purpose of increasing the sales of a certain product or service.

Core of Copywriting

Since most of the developed world exists in a capitalistic society, the main drive behind Copywriting hasn’t changed a bit.

Copywriters use the richness of their vocabulary and style to persuade the reader to appeal to the ad or the message in the spotlight.

How to tell the difference?

This motivation is the main differentiator between Copywriting and Content Writing.

The creator of the content is primarily focused on reaching the short-term goal of a sale, a subscription or another form of consumer “loyalty”.

The text uses an abundance of catch phrases, trending expressions and call-to-action words.

It still includes information regarding the topic, but the focus is on capturing the attention of the reader on the attractive spin of the matter, perpetuating effortless scrolling until you hit the “Buy Now” button.

Is it worth it?

As the saying goes – “The end justifies the means”, so the appreciation of Copywriting’s value knows no limit.

The great creative minds behind melding right words into desired actions are cherished abundantly, hence they’re enabled to fully unleash the captivating power of the proven impulse-stimulating linguistic formulas.

Eager to try it out?

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