Text Editing

Text Editing

The relation of Text Editing to Content Writing is strikingly similar to the one of Translation Editing to Translation.

How to do it?

The essence of the service is to work with an already created content in some topic and to edit, where needed, the style, grammar, spelling and punctuation without changing the meaning and the general logical structure of the text.

The extent to which the original text ought to be modified is to be determined by the client, as per the needs of the specific project.

The general rule is that the editing should go no further than a slight brush-off of inaccuracies in expression and correction of repetitions, tautology and terminology consistency.

So far, so good.

All this appears to be a no hard job, until the editor reaches a point of a doubt for the original meaning of the sentence or the paragraph.

In this case, the single language nature of the service, which is originally considered an advantage due to its simplicity, turns into a disadvantage, as there is no point of reference for the intention of the expression.

In such situations, the gut feeling and contextual intuition of the language specialist is crucial for determining the most accurate phraseology or wording.


Again, similarly to Translation Editing, the pricing of the Text Editing is standardly accepted to be half of the price of Content Writing.

It could fluctuate in relation to the specifics of the terminology used and the extent to which the text needs to be modified.

If all those eventualities rather make your head spin, we’ll gladly clear the fog!

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