We in MOTAMO don’t take the word for granted.

In short…

Translating since 1997, our ways have changed almost as much as the world has. Although we’ve gone a long way from translating on a typewriter, our passion for the craft hasn’t faded away.

We work with more than 1200 language specialists from all over the globe, speaking more than 40 languages, with rich experience in translating to and from their mother tongue.

Who is translating for you?

Our translators are being selected on the basis of proven language qualification, such as diploma for studies in the respective languages or a language certificate, their experience and volume of completed projects.

Having implemented a progressive grading system, we are prioritising our language specialists according to the quality rate of their previous projects with us, the adherence to the projects’ deadlines and their expertise in the respective terminology field.

Overruling the complexity of those criteria is our customer’s feedback which could blacklist or propel the translator up our selection pool.

Amazing tech!

As proud as we are that our translators’ family is constantly growing, we are no shy of seeking the help of technology.

We have selected the CAT tools necessary for accurate project assignment and effortless workflow, which is essential for voluminous projects or for texts with a specific terminology.

It’s your choice

In the age of ever accelerating dynamics, we equally value adaptivity and high-quality standards.

Once your source text is sent to us and its volume calculated by our software, we offer you the choice of three deadlines (Standard / Fast/ Urgent).

Have a glance at our FAQ for more details on each of those options.

Our service is designed to be transparent and tailored to your needs, so feel free to Contact us with every question or suggestion that might arise – we won’t let you get lost in translation!

You already know what you need?

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